Why Invest in the Cow Mat

Animal welfare in the farming industry is a huge issue. At Ag-Imports, we believe that we can quite literally start from the ground up in improving the wellbeing of livestock with our cow mat products. 

We provide cow mats for all dairy farmers who want to improve their cattle’s welfare. Designed to provide both grip and cushioning, these are the ideal solution for the considerable risks to the wellbeing of cows presented by concrete floors. While these products are particularly applicable to dairy farms, they are great solutions for all livestock, such as horses, sheep, or goats.

Your herd’s increased confidence and comfort will make happier, healthier animals.

Cow Mat

Improving animal welfare with rubber matting for dairy cows

We love all dairy, from cheese to butter to ice cream to chocolate, but we don’t love having unhappy cows! New Zealand is the largest exporter of dairy, making us leaders in the industry. We want to support its progress of increasing its sustainability and care towards the charming creatures at the beginning of the cheese roll production line.

As many dairy farmers know, happy and healthy cows increase the productivity of the farm. Making sure your cattle are steady on their feet is a significant start towards ensuring their welfare. The comfy cow rubber matting that we provide at Ag-Imports is the ideal solution to the hazards presented by concrete floors.

There are many advantages to providing a safe environment for your livestock. Knowing that your cows are relaxed is rewarding enough in itself, but our Ag Matting is also great for the flow in production and is more cost-effective than permission of risks. Reducing hold-ups inflow is far more achievable when the space is safe. Further, fewer injuries, lameness, and fear make confident cows and the steady issue of cattle in and out of the dairy. 

These products are designed to be placed on hazardous floors on your farm and are very easy to install. Adding cow mats to your farm decreases slippage by up to 80%, providing a far safer space for your cattle to move around in. 

Concrete is not a natural surface. The sensation of standing on concrete is uncomfortable for cows. The rubber mimics the soft buoyancy of the grass outside and reduces the impact of walking and standing. It is gentler on the sensitive tissue within hooves. 

Cows are far less likely to slip over on these mats, reducing unnecessary and traumatic injuries. 

Studies have shown that improving herd welfare also increases the quality and quantity of milk. Happy cows go into heat more often, are more likely to have calves, and are more likely to produce premium milk.

Hazards of concrete floors

Concrete floors in the dairy or cow shed yard can get very slippery. Slippery floors can be particularly hazardous for the first three months of a calf’s life when its pelvis and ligaments are stretched and weak. In this period, slips can cause their back legs to splay and break the hip joint, which results in euthanasia being necessary. 

Another hazard for dairy cows is loose stones. While walking up to the dairy, it is often the case that small stones will be picked up and grit their hooves. When they arrive at the dairy with its hard concrete surfaces, these stones can cause lameness issues.

Rubber Matting For Dairy Cows


How do cow mats work?

At Ag-Imports, we use recycled rubber. We provide options with different surface patterns to suit every need. Our products can come as interlocking mats or with widths that are customisable, with 30 meter long lengths eliminate the need for excessive work joining pieces together. 

Our DairyGrip product is particularly suitable for use on dairy farms. Reinforced with integral steel cables, it is super heavy-duty and guaranteed to withstand a daily influx of cattle for a minimum of twenty years. This system prevents breakdown, stretching, and warping. It is also incredibly easy to clean.

These mats can go inside and outside, on walkways, in the dairy, holding yards, and milking sheds. Rubber matting for dairy cows can withstand heavy impact from livestock and machinery such as tractors, automatic scrapers or skid steers easily, thanks to the steel cable system within. 

The process of installation is entirely painless. It only takes a few hours, and we can do it for you. If you would prefer to do it yourself, we are happy to come along and assist.

Both the grooving system and the cable system are carefully designed for longevity. This product has been in use for nearly twenty years and lasts four times longer than mats from other brands. 

Too many stones on the path will slow cows down. A poor surface will make the cows more likely to walk in single file. If a dominant cow slows down, the entire herd will as well. 

The makeup of these mats greatly facilitates the herding of cows. Ensuring a good surface is absolutely essential to help cows feel comfortable walking in a herd.

Cows love environments that are familiar and comfortable. Whereas concrete floors are a foreign, stressful, and hazardous material to cows, rubber floor mats feel like grass. Many farmers know that cows dislike change. However, installing these mats is more efficient long term, as the cows will adapt and not be overly fearful of the dairy space.

Creating a better environment for your herd is more eco-friendly

We source our rubber cow mats for sale from Rubbergem, a company that recycles rubber from some of the world’s leading rubber brands. Reusing the rubber saves the material from ending up in landfills. Because of the product durability, you will no longer have to waste your time maintaining tracks by filling potholes or using excessive concrete. Reusing the rubber and avoiding using more materials saves tires from ending up in landfills and protects the environment. 

What are you waiting for?

If you are a dairy farmer, you must be aware of the importance of keeping your cows happy. You might already be looking for rubber mat solutions if you are finding that your cows are stressed when using certain surfaces, or you might not have thought of an option other than concrete or limestone yet.

Cow mats are safe, cost-effective, and make for confident cows and better production. The products we provide at Ag-Imports are extra durable and environmentally friendly. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.