How Can We Improve The Welfare Of Animals?

Animal Welfare Solutions

When you work with animals on a daily basis, you understand that their lives and well-being are incredibly important. Therefore, animal welfare solutions are something that you should be aware of so that your livestock is happy and healthy while providing the products and services that you require. 

Neglecting animals and allowing them to live in subpar conditions where they can suffer is cruel, so it is vital that you pay attention to them and understand their wants and needs. Not only can allowing your animals to live in bad conditions lead to needless suffering, but it can also result in unfortunate deaths and insufficient profits. 

So, what exactly can you do to improve your livestock’s surroundings and health? Fortunately, there are many ways you can take care of your valued animals without draining your bank account. Through simple, easy changes, you can implement excellent animal welfare solutions into your property.

What Can I Do To Improve The Lives Of My Farm Animals?

When deciding how you can improve your farm animal’s lives, it would be best if you first considered what can happen and what might happen. For example, if your animals live off of a diet that is low in nutrients, you may want to consider giving them supplements so they do not develop deficiencies. If they are walking on challenging terrain that could cause damage to their hooves, you should think about changing their landscape and providing something nicer for them to tread on. 

There are plenty of affordable ways to incorporate extraordinary animal welfare solutions into your livestock’s living conditions. A few products that you can and should consider acquiring are:

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Calcium Blocks. Calcium is essential for proper growth in mammals. Because it is a crucial element in bone growth, calcium deficiency can lead to rickets, which is a condition where the animal’s bones become soft and prone to fractures. Additionally, calcium is also needed for milk production in dairy cows.

To easily give your animals a source of calcium, you can provide them with Calcifort, a calcium and molasses block. This product is high in calcium, and the included molasses makes it more palatable, so your animals are more likely to enjoy it. It also has a lot of vitamin A, which promotes fertility. 

Fortamin Hoof Care. Paying attention to the health of your animals’ hooves is incredibly important when it comes to animal welfare solutions. Livestock with damaged or diseased feet will have a hard time getting around and will ultimately suffer. 

By providing your livestock with Fortamin Hoof Care blocks, you will be giving them a source of calcium and phosphorus that is fortified with copper, zinc and selenium. This block also contains molasses, so your animals are sure to love the taste as well. 

This block was designed with an emphasis on hoof health and strength. To give these to your livestock, you should provide them with an adequate amount of blocks and place them near the animals’ watering points. 

Ag Matting. Allowing your animals to be content and healthy is one of the key goals of animal welfare solutions. By installing Ag matting into your animals’ dwellings, they will be able to lie down confidently and comfortably. These mats provide excellent grip as well, so your livestock can walk around without slipping or tripping. 

The soft material allows your animals to walk freely without damaging the vulnerable soft tissues of their hooves. The comfortable, easy-to-walk-on surface also reduces the chances of your cows slipping and becoming lame. Additionally, these mats are also easy to hose down and have excellent drainage. 

Where Can I Get Welfare Solutions For My Animals?

If you are on the market and looking to provide your valued animals with fantastic and affordable animal welfare solutions, you are in luck! At Ag Imports, we are proud to offer New Zealand farmers excellent animal products that will make their livestock happier and healthier while providing fantastic customer support and communication.

Our team believes in giving our customers and clients the very best service that we can possibly provide. Every job is important to us, and we will do our best to satisfy you and your animals. If there are any issues, we will do all that we can to remedy the problem.

For example, if you would like to purchase excellent Ag matting for your livestock’s living quarters but do not want to deal with the hassle of setting up all of those mats yourself, we have got you covered! We offer on-site installation and will properly set up your mats to be functional and meet any required regulations. Furthermore, if you would like to set up the mats yourself and just want assistance, we can help you with that as well.

If you would like to discuss your animal welfare desires or have any questions about our services or products, please contact us at  0800 024 628 to get in touch with our team. 

Your animals deserve to live in good conditions healthily, and you deserve to be happy with your service. Improve your property and your livestock’s lives with Ag Imports!