Stable Mats

If you are a horse owner, we do not doubt that your top priority is to ensure your horse’s wellbeing. You might find that concrete floors or mats bolted down in every corner cause your horse discomfort – which is no surprise! Your horse needs the right stable mats to be happy and healthy.

At Ag-Imports, we believe we can improve the wellbeing of livestock quite literally from the ground up. We provide stable mats that supply safe and comfortable environments for your horses. Designed to provide both grip and cushioning, these are the ideal solution for the considerable risks to the wellbeing of horses presented by concrete floors. 

Your horse’s increased comfort and confidence in its home environment will make a happier, healthier animal.

Stable Mats

Why rubber stable flooring?

As many horse lovers know, ensuring the health and wellbeing of your equine friends is the best approach to helping them achieve their potential, whether as racehorses, showjumpers, dressage champions, or simply riding companions. Making sure they are steady on their feet in their stables is an essential part of this path.

Concrete or heavily bolted floors are very hazardous. Concrete can get very slippery, increasing the risk of your horse falling over and injuring itself. Some injuries to your horse can have dire repercussions, sometimes necessitating euthanasia.

Another common hazard for horses on farms is loose stones. While walking around outside, it is often the case that small stones will be picked up and grit their hooves. When they arrive at the stable with its hard concrete surfaces, these stones can damage nerves and cause lameness issues.

We doubt you would enjoy spending half your time standing on a surface that’s not comfortable, and neither would your horse. Avoid vet bills and worse, distress to your horse, by investing in a better flooring solution. The equine matting that we provide at Ag-Imports is the best way to solve that problem. 

There are many advantages to providing a comfortable environment for your horses. Knowing that your horses are relaxed is rewarding enough in itself, but it also decreases the risk of injury and lameness. Comfortable horses are happier, more confident, better at learning, and healthier overall.

These products are designed to be placed on hazardous floors on your farm and are very easy to install. Adding rubber stable flooring to your farm can decrease slippage by up to 80%, providing a far safer space for your horses to move around in. 

Concrete is not a natural surface. The sensation of standing on concrete is uncomfortable for horses. Stable mats mimic the soft buoyancy of the grass outside and reduce the impact of walking, standing, and lying down. It is gentler on the sensitive tissue within hooves.

Rubber mats in your stables reduce the cost of bedding. The rubber acts as an excellent heat insulator when laid over concrete. It provides cushioning that feels like grass. Rubber mats are far warmer, quieter, and have a softer surface for horses to lie down. 

How do stable mats work?

Rubber mats provide a safe and comfortable solution for your horse’s wellbeing. Our products are super heavy-duty and can withstand daily use, high-impact, and heavy machineries such as tractors, automatic scrapers, or skid-steers early. They can go inside or outside, including the stable, yard, and any pathways that your horse is uncomfortable walking along.

Ag-Imports uses a rubber compound material and offers many different surface grip designs to suit every need. This extra traction reduces slippage and feels more like the natural earth outside. Your horse will feel far better standing on something that feels familiar.

The process of installation is entirely painless. It only takes a few hours, and we can do it for you. If you would prefer to do it yourself, we are happy to come along and assist.

Further, the grooving systems in these products are designed for longevity. You will not need to worry about excessive upkeep as you would with other materials.

The rubber surfaces are easy to clean with scrapers or hoses, decreasing the need to maintain tracks or pay for bedding. They also reduce the amount of time your horses spend standing in mud year-round.

Simply standing on hard surfaces such as concrete or excessive bolting for more than two hours is proven to damage the health of your livestock. At Ag-Imports, we recommend for stables either the hammer top or diamond grip mats.

Rubber Stable Flooring

Hammer top mats

The hammer top mat has a specially designed hammer surface for extra grip, cushioning, and drainage. This surface reduces hoof impact and eliminates slipping. Your horse will be able to walk naturally and confidently.

These two-by-two meter square mats are ideal for covering large areas. They fit easily together in an interlocking pattern, making them easy to install. They weigh 40 kilograms each, so the placement of the mats is unlikely to be disturbed by accident.

Diamond grip mats

The diamond-top surface of diamond grip mats provides both excellent grip and efficient drainage. Slippage is reduced by up to 90%, thanks to the design of the rubber surface. Your horse will not suffer unnecessary trauma or damage to its hooves when walking on this soft surface. 

These mats are 40 kilograms each and two meters by two. They are easy to install, fitting together with an interlocking pattern to cover large areas. 

Invest in stable mats, NZ!

At Ag-Imports, we strive to use eco-friendly materials and continually find ways of using recycled rubber. These durable products reduce the need to buy more materials for upkeep. By preventing materials from going into landfills, we are doing what we can to be an environmentally conscious enterprise.

If you are a horse owner, you must be aware of the importance of keeping your equine friends happy. You might already be looking for rubber mats if you are finding that you are spending far too much time mucking out the stables, or your horse is showing signs of discomfort from the hard surfaces.

Rubber mats are safe, cost-effective, and make for happy horses. The products we provide at Ag-Imports are extra durable and environmentally friendly. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.

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